Gyre Against the War! 50% off for Anti-War Streams


On February 24, the Russian Federation vilely and groundlessly started a war against our country. 

From that day on, the life of every Ukrainian came to a halt, and soon after, the lives of almost a thousand civilians were completely cut short. 

We urge every person reading this: do not stay silent, help resist the cruel propaganda of the aggressor country. 

We’ve created a short video. We’re asking you to stream it on your YouTube channel to show people around the world that Ukrainians are suffering. These 18 minutes are a brief summary of the horror every Ukrainian falls asleep to and wakes up to. Dates and days of the week have ceased to exist for us. Time is now is measured in the number of days of the war.

Do not be silent.

This war is not just against Ukrainians, it is against reason and common sense. What needs to be poured into people’s heads to motivate them to kill and long for the death of an entire nation?

For everyone who agrees to launch a continuous broadcast on their YouTube channel, we provide a 50% discount for a month of using our product. Promo code: NOWAR. You can download the video at this link. If you’re using Gyre exclusively for anti-war broadcasts, you’ll get the product completely free.

Working for peace,

Your Gyre team

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