Like any other platform, YouTube has its trends that you must take advantage of. Below, we will offer your attention fifty-five palpitating YouTube ideas you can use to produce new content to put into recommendations.

1. Describe Your Way

Tell people more about yourself, your preferences, and your tastes. Tell them what motivated you to become a content creator and what topics you want to cover in your upcoming videos. The more the audience knows about you, the closer contact you will have with them.

2. Show Backstage

Reveal to your subscribers the secrets and tips on creating your videos. People are always interested in learning more about what happens while filming their favorite episodes on the other side of the screen.

3. Introduce Your Family

If you want to strengthen a personal connection with your followers, you can make a video about your family or pets. This way, you will lift the veil of your daily life and reach extra loyalty from your viewers.

4. Make a Room Tour

Show people in detail where you shoot your videos. Subscribers are always interested in knowing why you chose this or that item in your interior and how you live in general – especially if, in your videos, you pay great attention to your image.

5. Tell People What's New With You

Tell your subs about everything that is happening in your life. Indeed, many things may not correspond to your channel's central theme, so it would be better to devote separate materials to this. Please note that it’s not the best option for first YouTube videos, but you can resort to it when you already have dozens of videos on other topics.

6. Showcase Your Collectibles or Tell About Your Guilty Pleasures

Indeed, you have subscribers who are fans of the same things as you. A great solution would be to make a video about your hobbies, collectibles, and anything else that brings you extra pleasure.

7. Make an Everyday Routine Video

Video blogs are an exciting niche that appeals to many YouTube viewers. Here, you don't need to write a script or come up with big content ideas for YouTube; you just need to start recording and sharing ordinary life events.

8. Teach Your Audience with Something

Understand a specific topic and become an online instructor for others. You can tell people how to repair things or teach the basics of playing a musical instrument. You can follow hundreds of directions – just be sure you don’t lead the wrong way.

9. Evaluate the Lessons of Others

Show your expertise and express your opinion on the lessons of other content creators. You should point out both the bad and the good things; this way, you will show your subscribers that this is not just hate or adulation but constructive criticism.

10. Provide the Audience With Good Advice

You've gained much experience during your career, whether connected to your blog or not. So why don’t you share some valuable tips with your audience to gain even more likes and subscriptions?

11. Give People Solutions to Problems

Many users go to YouTube for advice on an issue that interests them. It means you can give them expert advice to help solve their problem and, thus, go viral on YouTube.

12. Create Tutorials About Content Making

Post guides on making video creation more accessible for beginners and share them with other content creators. Advise them on good equipment or software that is most convenient to work with.

13. Share Your Life Events With Your Audience

You often have to step out of your comfort zone, which is an excellent reason to create a new video from your central theme. So you can share with your followers the full range of emotions you experience.

14. Become a “Mythbuster”

People can sometimes be very susceptible, especially regarding facts from the Internet. You can make videos confirming or refuting these myths, just like Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage do.

15. Share Life Hacks

You can find exciting life hacks and share them with your audience in your new videos. This way, you can explain some tricks to your subscribers and gain new knowledge for yourself.

16. Make Videos With Music Tracks

If your hobby is writing music, you can turn your channel into a stage. For instance, write lo-fi beats that many people like to listen to while studying or relaxing.

You can create a 24/7 live stream of pre-recorded videos to enable subscribers to listen to your music at any convenient time.

17. Create Comedy Skits

Entertain your audience and make them laugh. Start coming up with jokes or entire scenes. Film anything that you think is funny. People love to laugh, and this is always popular on YouTube.

18. Remember the Bright Moments

Make a video with your past videos' most exciting and bright moments. Moreover, you can use this as a trailer for your channel, which can attract many new viewers.

19. Create Parodies

Make promotional videos of famous people or music stars. Also, you can make funny covers of songs or scenes from movies and TV series. It is an uncultivated field of trending video ideas that can significantly boost your popularity.

20. Share Best Lists

Tell your subscribers about the best movies, music, or restaurants in the form of a list. Invite them to discuss whether their opinions are the same. And yes, be objective in your reviews so as not to accidentally provoke a wave of hate against someone.

21. Show People Your Bloopers

Indeed, you made funny bloopers or experienced other stupid moments while recording your previous videos. All this is an excellent topic for your new content where you can laugh with your followers.

22. Stream Games

Gaming content is viral among YouTube users. To combine business with pleasure and gain new subscribers, just play your favorite video games and demonstrate them to your audience.

23. Participate in Challenges

You can have a small budget to make a good video. For example, you can participate in different challenges with your friends and complete other tasks you wouldn't do in real life.

24. Set Time Limits

Create videos where you try to complete different tasks within a given time frame. In general, one of the best things to do on YouTube is to conduct exciting experiments or check what will happen to different objects in extreme conditions within the predetermined time frames.

25. Launch a Cooking Show

We all love food, so if cooking is your hobby, you can interestingly present recipes from famous films or TV series. Be sure: the public will like such videos, and you will get subscribers you need.

26. Make Video Reviews

You can review anything. If you bought a new gadget, write down your thoughts about it. Also, you can discuss a new movie, an album by your favorite artist or band, a new collection of your beloved brand, etc.

27. Create News-Related Videos 

Cover the most sensational news from around the world and express your opinion. Such videos will interest many users, and their topics will be an excellent basis for discussion in the comments.

28. Overview Sport Events

You can create a separate content line if your main hobby is sports. Tell people about your favorite teams’ or players’ results or general news in this niche – your videos on this topic will find their fans.  

29. Compare Products

An excellent idea for your regular content is to compare similar products. Many people go to YouTube to check whether a specific smartphone is worth buying or which steaks taste better – so why not help them with their choice?

30. Explore Different Cultures

Regular traveling is expensive, but you can experience other cultures today without leaving home. You can express your opinion about countries' cuisine worldwide or tell about what TV shows people like in different parts of the world.

31. Unpack the Products

Unboxing is something that everyone loves. You don't have to review expensive goods or real estate. For example, you can unpack parcels from Amazon or toys from old Happy Meal sets.

32. Create Historical Educational Videos

Study historical data about exciting incidents and tell about them without boring facts. Such educational videos are well-perceived by people and cause a lot of controversy in the comments.

33. Make Guides on Using Products

You may know the secret features of iPhones or how to edit photos in a few clicks. Any knowledge that most people overlook will be an excellent reason for you to attract a new audience who wants to know more.

34. React to New Item Releases

Tell your subscribers your opinion on everything new that comes into the world. It could be an opinion about a movie, the functions of a gadget that will be released soon, or a new video game.

35. Launch the Q&A Section

People who follow you always want to know more interesting facts about you. This way, you can create a section in which you will collect questions from viewers and answer them in detail.

36. Ask What Your Followers Want

If you need to know what to dedicate a new video to, the easiest solution will be to ask your subs about it. At the end of each of your videos, you can ask what your viewers would like to know about next time, and ideas for inspiration will appear in your comments.

37. Spark a Discussion

Make a video in which you cover a specific topic and ask people to express their opinions in the comments. This way, you can increase your audience's activity and expand the number of comments, which will have a good effect on the ranking of your content.

38. Collaborate with Others

You don't have to perceive creators with similar video themes as competitors. On the contrary, you can join forces and make collaborative videos that will help you exchange subscribers and receive more views and reactions than ever before.

39. Demonstrate Your Craft Skills

If you know how to do something with your hands, this can be an excellent topic for a video. You can show people how it happens – just remember how you at least once watched a couple of guys from India build a house out of clay and sticks.

40. Interview an Expert

If you know someone who is an expert in a specific niche, you can invite them for an interview – perhaps your audience is also interested in getting insights from this pro.

41. Make Trash Reviews of Movies and TV Series

Hollywood creations don't always turn out to be good, so this can also be considered a great video topic. You can point out ridiculous moments or blunders in a humorous manner and, thereby, entertain your subs.

42. Create YouTube Shorts

Try switching from the regular video format to shorts for a while. For instance, the public favors short videos with memes or recommendations so that you can move in this direction. Moreover, you can cut Shorts from your old but still relevant videos – this way, you won't have to bother creating new content. 

43. Analyze the Existing Comments

If you read the comments on your old videos, you will find that people have already shared excellent ideas for your new videos with you. Thus, you will make your fans happy that you listen to their desires.

44. Use YouTube Homepage for Your Inspiration

YouTube always knows what you are interested in watching and offers you hundreds of videos from other creators. Here, you can get many fresh ideas for creating content on similar topics.

45. Make True Crime Videos

People like the True Crime theme. You can cover the most hype crimes of the past or present time. However, you should be careful in what you say and what images you add to your videos because YouTube treats this niche with great caution.

46. Try to Generate Ideas Using AI

If no thoughts come into your head, you can resort, for example, to AI. Nowadays, tools like ChatGPT can write the entire script for your video. However, it is essential to note that you must proofread the material and check its authenticity.

47. Record Podcasts

An excellent solution for extra content on your channel would be to create podcasts that invite interlocutors and discuss topics that interest your audience. It can be topics relevant to your channel or just chatting about something suitable.

48. Present Yourself in a New Image

This technique works well on any social network; YouTube is no exception. In particular, if you radically change your appearance, your videos, even on well-worn topics, will likely attract more views.

49. Create a Video for the Upcoming Holiday

If a holiday is coming up soon, you can coincide your new video with it. At the same time, choosing a relevant theme is unnecessary – you can display the appropriate atmosphere in your image.

50. Talk about Conspiracy Theories

People tend to attribute complex negative things to the will of “someone mighty.” You can try to expand on the topic of conspiracy theories by strengthening their likelihood with new facts or, on the contrary, by refuting them. 

51. Don’t Forget About Catchy Thumbnails and Titles

If you come up with an interesting title and an attractive thumbnail, you're halfway to a successful video. A catchy idea for a title often makes the same video clip. Some content creators resort to clickbait covers, but you should consider whether this is right in your particular case.

52. Record a Video Based on an Old Script Many Years Later

Surely, you have seen photos taken in the same pose and the same place, but ten or even more years later. Why not try this trick in your new videos? Think about what materials could be transformed considering the passage of time, and simply follow the script you used many years ago.

53. Share Viral Videos from Other Social Networks

You can upload to YouTube your old videos from other social networks that managed to gain a large number of views – they will likely turn out to be viral on this platform, too.

54. Re-Record Your Old Videos If They Are of Low Quality

If some of your older videos are poor quality, this may be an excellent reason to re-record them. It will help you expand your content collection without worrying about coming up with new ideas.

55. Update Your Old Videos for New Regions

Suppose some of your popular videos are relevant to audiences in a specific region. In that case, you can remake them using the same script but adapt them for new audiences in other countries.

We hope you find sources of inspiration for yourself based on the YouTube video ideas we have provided you. Therefore – hurry up to bring them to life to engage new viewers.