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by Sergiy Bilenko

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People have always loved listening to music; this video content is popular today. For example, one of the good representatives of the music niche on YouTube is Lofi Girl, who receives about 30 million views on average per month. If we talk about media artists, they gain even more views in a matter of hours, especially when they release new tracks. In general, if you decide to conquer this niche, and YouTube plays an essential role, this article is for you. 

Overview of Music Content Categories

Let's focus on the music video content you can start making.

Official music videos

If you are a musician and play in a band, releasing music videos is the most obvious activity for you. Such videos usually involve all participants, and the events can be completely different, from a regular performance to fantastic stories. If you get creative, you can make an engaging video that doesn't necessarily require a huge budget.

Lyrics videos

You can demonstrate your song lyrics in these videos as you perform them. Here, you can use fonts and backgrounds that match the song's theme. Moreover, you can animate the text to diversify the video sequence. Typically, artists create lyrics videos when they do not have the opportunity to shoot a video clip, as this option is cheaper.

Cover versions of songs

Cover versions of songs are always popular, especially among fans of the genre or fans of the artist of the song you're based on. Your task is to add personality to such a composition, for example, experiment with sounds or radically change the genre of the song.

Some of the most popular covers on YouTube channels are:

  • Pentatonix - Hallelujah - 736 million views.
  • We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus (Boyce Avenue feat. Bea Miller cover) - 328 million views.
  • Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix cover) - 195 million views.
  • All of Me - John Legend Cover (Luciana Zogbi) - 125 million views.

Documentary videos

Documentary videos will be an excellent option if you would like to tell the viewership about what is happening with your group. Here you can show, for example, footage from your concerts and even tours. It will demonstrate to your fans what it's like to be part of a band away from home.

Interviews with artists

Another area of musical content not directly related to the publication of tracks is interviews with performers. Specifically, you can create a section on your channel inviting different artists to talk about their work, life, and other exciting things to the public.

Backstage video

In addition to documentary videos, you can show how your backstage musical activity happens. Here, you can film parts of your rehearsals or recordings of new songs. You need such videos to build a closer relationship with your fans by revealing to them those parts of your life that remain behind the scenes. 

Children's music content

Children's songs are top-rated on YouTube, as evidenced by the number of views. For example, according to the analytics, the Super Simple Songs music channel on YouTube gains an average of about 525 million views per month, which is impressive. You can also make simple, fun songs for children. The visual part is also essential in such videos; it would be best if engaging animations accompany your melodies.

Music to create an atmosphere

Music for relaxation and work/study is prevalent among YouTube users, and the Lofi Girl channel directly confirms this. You can also create such videos and get a lot of views. You can make videos with your tracks or invite unknown composers to collaborate in this niche.

Emerging Trends: Live Streams and Music

Now, more than ever, live streams, with hours of musical compositions, have become popular. It is much easier for users to find a selection of music in their favorite genre than to search for a separate song or recommendations each time, which becomes the first decision when choosing streams. Moreover, YouTube also has streams with all the albums of one artist, making it easier for viewers to search.

The Power of Continuous Streaming: How 24/7 Music Streams Dominate YouTube

An excellent solution to delight your subscribers with high-quality music around the clock is continuous live streams. Many YouTube users turn on music while working, studying, or at house parties with friends. Thus, the most convenient solution for this is 24/7 streams with the music they like.

In 2020, the Lofi Girl channel, already known to us, which was then called ChilledCow, made streams with chill lo-fi tracks. YouTube mistakenly banned the channel, and then it turned out that the stream had received about 218 million views and became the record holder for the most extended video on the platform, lasting 13,165 hours (548 days).

Best Practices

To start a live music stream, you should use the right tools. One such tool is Gyre, where you can efficiently run 24/7 live streams of pre-recorded videos. Several plans allow you to create up to 8 streams simultaneously in Full HD or 4K.

To optimize your videos for streaming, Gyre provides a video file converter that allows you to prepare your videos for streaming without buffering or interruptions. You can also use the Streams Scheduler, which will help you set the start and end date of the stream, and the playlists function, which will simplify adding files to your 24/7 stream.

We hope you understand that 24/7 music streams are an excellent opportunity to receive user engagement and streamline your channel’s monetization. This way, you can promote your other music content to the masses because your followers will be interested in what you share with them.