Are you looking for intelligent assistants to optimize your content strategy? We have something to tell you!

In the previous article, we discussed how vital AI-driven tools for content creators can be in generating quality content for your channel, from discovering new ideas to finding keywords. Now let's look at the particular examples of these tools.

AI Tools for Text Creation

We suggest starting with an overview of AI tools that help creators create high-quality written content targeted at search engines.

Chat GPT

It is one of the most popular text-generation tools that will give you a coherent answer to any query. With it, you can write an article for a blog and create a scenario for your videos on a given topic. And most importantly – it's free and in just a couple of seconds!

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to help create premium content. With it, you can create short descriptions for posts on your social networks and full-fledged long reads. Note that this is a paid software product.


WordAI is an application that generates unique phrases and paragraphs on a given topic in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. It is a paid solution, but it's worth it – many users claim that they could replace real copywriters with it.

AI Tools for Visual Content Creation

Now let's look at a few AI-based solutions that can be used to help create graphic and multimedia content.


DALL-E is a popular neural network sponsored by Microsoft that generates unique graphic images based on their description in English (actually, this description is a user request). This is one of the best tools in its niche, actively used by creators worldwide.


You can test this software solution directly from your smartphone. In its free version, it has limited functionality. However, this will be enough to, for example, generate an eye-catching cover for your channel.


NightCafe is an AI-driven image generation app that allows its users to apply several approaches to art creation. To get a graphic masterpiece, you just need to come up with a detailed text description for it, and voila, after a few moments, you will receive a relevant image.

AI Tools for Content Research and Optimization

What about content optimization based on the analysis of your target audience? Fortunately, today there are AI tools that can help you with this.


Semrush is a complete AI-powered digital marketing solution that can be used to promote websites. Here you will find comprehensive tools for your website analytics, competitor evaluation, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media advertising.


MarketMuse is a cloud-based content planning tool that allows you to get the most out of your text and visuals. In particular, this solution analyzes your already published materials using AI algorithms and then compares them with your competitors' content.

Automated Insights

Automated Insights is an advanced natural language generation (NLG) solution that turns big data from analytical methods into readable insights. With it, you can get detailed analytics about your content in just a couple of clicks.

AI Tools for Social Media Content Creation

Finally, let's find out what AI tools can be used to create social media content.


Flick is an AI-powered tool allowing users to create branded content instantly and without hassle. With it, you can simplify the processes of managing and developing your profile on social networks by delegating hashtag generation, publication planning, and analytics to it. Currently, this tool has already been chosen by more than 20,000 marketers.


Lately is a tool that allows you to transform your long content (for example, from a blog) into social media posts. Now you don't have to spend time cutting entire paragraphs and rewriting the rest of the text – Lately will do all this for you.


Wordstream is an AI-powered advertising platform that helps social media profile owners optimize paid advertising campaigns. It performs end-to-end analysis of their profile data, identifies patterns, and automates the process of targeting and advertising.


We hope the abovementioned tools will help you work faster and more productively on your content and promote it in search engines and social networks. You may also already have your list of AI-powered favorites, which you can now extend by a couple more valuable solutions. Whatever strategy you follow, with or without high-tech solutions, we wish you good luck in your creative endeavors.