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by Olivia Maxwell

Content Strategy Specialist

Imagine if there was a universal service for all YouTubers.

And this service would allow you to double and even triple views on your channel and increase retention. All you had to do was wave a magic wand, and new subscribers would appear. It would be even better to get it on a turnkey basis and without the lengthy process of inventing-creating-editing new videos. You just close your eyes, and have time to rest without worrying that the channel's statistics will sink without releasing new videos.

What if such a service already existed?

Gyre is a multi-functional service that allows you to get all of the above by running a continuous stream.

Continuous streams are a universal tool that allows you to achieve your goals depending on the individual needs of the channel. The size of your channel or the topic of your content doesn’t matter. All you need is your videos, a computer, and the Internet. 

What is Gyre?

Gyre is a cloud service for creating and launching continuous streams. The stream is continuous meaning that video files play 24/7 in a continuous loop. 

The basis of continuous streaming is pre-recorded content: your older videos or pre-recorded/edited content is perfect for streaming. Our partners often use older content on their channels, thus giving it a new life.

We share how your older videos can get more views and the strategies in this article.

You can pre-record content, make sure it's flawless, and easily run it on a loop. It all depends on your crazy ideas and imagination.

If you think you've never seen a continuous stream, you're wrong.

You've 100% seen them on YouTube. These are the streams that run on the channel 24/7 without a host and still gather many active viewers. With Gyre, you can run as many as 8 such streams on your channel!

Gyre is a service that makes it much easier to create 24/7 streams, saves you time, and helps you monetize your existing content.

Initially, the service allowed you to run endless streams only on YouTube, but today our users can stream on Twitch, Vimeo, and Fb/Inst. So, Gyre users are reaching and interacting with their target audiences on other popular platforms.

Why create a stream from pre-recorded videos?

Firstly, none of your subscribers have seen all of your channel videos.

So you can safely add any of your older videos to a continuous stream and show it again to your audience (the main thing is that it is still relevant). 

Second, as the channel grows, older videos statistically lose to newer content, but even these can be reused to attract new viewers.

Third, viewers more often choose streams over regular videos. And YouTube itself ranks streams higher.  

YouTube is interested in keeping the viewer on the platform as long as possible, so it creates various additional features. Live streaming is one of the relatively new features that the platform promotes more actively than regular videos. Audience retention on streams is higher than on regular videos. Based on this, when you create streams from pre-recorded videos, you increase their beneficial effect on the channel. YouTube will promote your content more actively to new viewers.

Fourth, you get more time to rest and create new content.

As long as the continuous stream maintains activity and saves your channel from decreased statistics, you will have time to do other fun things.

And finally, there will be constant activity on the channel.

Continuous streams will continuously generate new traffic for your channel. And we’ve also noticed that same magic happening in the comments of streams: viewers start to communicate with each other and exchange thoughts and impressions.

How safe is it to run continuous streams?

99.99% safe.

Continuous streams are perfectly legal. Do you run regular live streams? These are the same streams, although they last much longer and bring more profit.

Using older videos for continuous streams ≠ duplicating content.

You don't re-upload video files to a channel; you simply stream them on a loop. Once the stream is over, it doesn’t stay on the channel, and you can stop or delete the stream at any time.

You don’t have to link your channel or social media to Gyre.

Authorization of the service requires only your e-mail. Thus, access to accounts and content remains only with the owners of the YouTube channels or social media account.

The stream is launched from your personal Gyre server, where you upload existing videos. To start a continuous stream, you only need a stream key. 

Social media and video-hosting sites provide the functionality of live streams and cooperation with external services.

Gyre works according to the requirements of the platforms where it offers users to run continuous streams. The Gyre service does not violate the policies of video hosting sites and social media, and does not try to hack or cheat algorithms, views, or subscribers.

How Do Continuous Streams Affect the Development of a YouTube Channel?

Gyre streams are a win-win way to improve your channel's performance and make the most of all the content you have.

Continuous streams allow you to:

  • Attract new traffic to the channel.
  • Accelerate channel promotion and attract new subscribers.
  • Increase channel revenue.
  • Promote and monetize pre-recorded content.

What is the Difference Between a Continuous and a Regular Live Stream?

Preparation and degree of involvement: The live stream involves live communication with the audience and the presence of the blogger in the frame. Continuous streams are pre-prepared video clips that are replayed on a loop 24/7. 

Content: For a continuous stream, you will need pre-recorded videos, while a new stream requires new content. By the way, you can restart the continuous stream many times and use the same content.

Duration: A live stream cannot run continuously for days, but a continuous stream can run for days, weeks, and months!

Versatility: The live format is not suitable for all topics, and speaking in public is often a little scary.

Equipment and Internet connection: For a stable and uninterrupted live stream, you need to be sure of a stable Internet connection. Continuous streams can be started from absolutely any device.

The number of streams: Just one live stream requires a lot of time to prepare both the content and the equipment. And if you plan to stream the same video on different platforms? Oooh, a lot to do. But you can run as many as 8 continuous streams on your channel. In addition, you can run the same stream to different platforms and thus improve your channel’s statistics many times over!

There are many more advantages to 24/7 streaming. You can do what you love or worry about growing your YouTube channel while your content works for you.

How Does Gyre Help a YouTube Channel Creator or Owner?

Continuous streams help channel authors monetize effort spent, an undeniable advantage, and also give the creator the most valuable thing — time.

Each creator has their own needs: to develop their talent, multiply channel income, reach a new level of blogging and integrations, expand the audience, and get more traffic.

Along with this, there is often fear. Fear of decreased channel statistics, losing a channel, emotional burnout, and a lack of ideas for a new channel.

Gyre rids you of these fears so you can start working on your needs.

Gyre is a tool that helps you:

  • Not lose metrics, but on the contrary, to gain new audiences and make the channel more popular. If you do not have the opportunity to regularly publish new content, then continuous streams will become a "safety cushion" for the channel. They will signal YouTube algorithms about activity on the channel.
  • To expand the audience, get more new viewers, and increase the number of subscribers.
  • Earn using content you’ve accumulated on the channel over the years.
  • Create and run streams without using channel data.
  • Transfer traffic from the stream to new videos, thus promoting all content on the channel.

What Channels are Suitable for Continuous Streams?

At this stage of service development, the vast majority of Gyre users are YouTubers. These are international media companies, millionaire channels, and beginner bloggers. All channels are very different, but their goals are similar. 

Among Gyre users are representatives of the gaming industry, music channels, travel blogs, beauty channels, entertainment, cooking, educational, and scientific blogs. And also self-coaches, children's bloggers, charity organizations, and technical and automobile experts. Only you are missing.

When it comes to channels that are suitable for continuous streams, we’re convinced that the answer is not in the topic of the channel or even in the number of subscribers. The primary factor is relevant and high-quality content.

Streams will fulfill their purpose regardless of whatever stage your YouTube channel or social media are at.

Promoting social media with streams is also easier. You will be the first in the user's feed; you will be able to constantly support the image of the brand/feed and form the necessary impression for the audience by streaming the selected content.

For large channels, continuous streams guarantee stable activity and growth of the channel's key metrics.

What if I Run a Continuous Stream on Instagram?

That’s a great idea. 

We are generally convinced that continuous streams on other social media platforms can be no less effective than on YouTube.

In fact, continuous streams are simply a must-have on Instagram! This includes eCommerce pages, pages of musicians/travel bloggers, and general pages with all kinds of creativity.

Your followers will first see your stream in their feed and only then the stories of other users. You can constantly show current offers or videos with seasonal discounts for your existing and potential subscribers. Streams act as a generator of new traffic for your page. In addition, you will constantly form and maintain your brand recognition in your category. There are many more advantages, and the cost of launching a continuous stream is much lower than for paid promotion.

Below you can see how a live stream differs from a continuous stream on Instagram.

Why do I need Gyre?

We'd like to say we're the only company that makes it easy to run continuous streams using pre-recorded videos, but that's not entirely true. But among our competitors, we have significant advantages for our users:

Gyre offers a flexible subscription system, depending on the user's needs.

How Do I Start a Gyre Continuous Stream?

We don't like to complicate life, so we created the Gyre service. A service to help streamers effectively use pre-recorded content for maximum benefits. With Gyre, you will be able to spend minimal effort and time on streams. Starting a continuous stream takes only 6 steps:

  1. Register with Gyre. In the personal account for users, there is a Knowledge Base with video tutorials that will help you quickly understand how to create and run continuous streams. In addition, you will find answers to all questions in the FAQ, and if not, the support chat is always available for you.
  2. Choose your plan. Depending on your needs, you can choose a monthly or annual package. Plus, there’s a free 7-day trial period. All for the convenience of users.
  3. Prepare the content for streaming and optimize the necessary video files according to the platform parameters. You will find more details about the stages of creating a stream, how the "Storage" works, and how to create playlists in the Knowledge Base.
  4. Upload videos to your personal server and create your own playlists.
  5. Decide on a strategy for streaming (we have described some of them here)
  6. Enjoy improved channel metrics.

Fast and easy!

In Conclusion

Gyre is the easiest and most effective tool to integrate streaming into your YouTube or Twitch channel and social media development strategy.

Boosting your channel with Gyre means getting more views and new subscribers without much effort or time. We are constantly developing our service to be the most efficient multi-streaming tool.