Like any other online platform, Twitch has unique features that distinguish it from its competitors and help its users earn (and spend, haha) money. Specifically, if you've been using it since 2016, you know what Bits are. They are virtual goods that can be sent along with Cheer messages. With their help, users greet streamers with animated stickers that make them stand out from the rest of the viewers.

This Twitch attribute can be perceived as another way of showing respect to the streamer in addition to subscribing. And, of course, Bits is a monetization tool for the streamers themselves. Let’s learn more about this exciting feature below. 

What Are Twitch Bits?

In general, Bits is a virtual currency that is used on the Twitch platform. They look like crystals that can be used directly in a chat with a content creator. With the help of Bits, the user can encourage the streamer's favorite content.

As noted earlier, Beats allows viewers to use special animated emoji, thereby notifying the audience and the streamers that they support this broadcast. In addition, with their help, users congratulate content makers or ask them for advice.

What Are Twitch Bits Worth?

Bits are similar to the in-game virtual currency on the Twitch streaming platform. Moreover, each Bit has an equivalent, 1 cent (or 0.01 US dollars). Thus, streamers who regularly receive Bits from their audience can consider this a monetization tool.

How to Buy Twitch Bits?

The Bits currency can be purchased with your regular bank card or through a virtual wallet. You can also buy Bits through your PayPal account if Paypal is available in your country.

To get Bits, you can purchase any selected Twitch channel by clicking the "Get Bits" button. The purchase will be made after clicking the "Pay Now" button.

Note that the buy Bits Twitch operation can also be performed with the streamers' participation. Sometimes such deals are more profitable than directly buying them in the standard way.

As for the possibilities of using this digital currency, it is only available on channels with the status of a partner. In particular, it must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 8 hours of broadcasts in the last month in total.
  • At least 3 viewers per broadcast.
  • At least 50 subscribers.

How to Get Free Twitch Cheer Bits?

Depending on your country, you can also get Bits for free by watching commercial ads. In this case, instead of the "Get Bits" button, you will also have the "Watch Ad" button available. In addition, you can complete surveys on TwitchRPG. Generally, the longer the poll, the more Bits you get. As a rule, they average 5-10 minutes, bringing Twitch users from 100 to 500 Bits.

Do Streamers Earn Money from Twitch Bits?

As far as Twitch Bits are concerned as a monetization tool for streamers, they get $0.01 for every Bit received. Let’s consider an example with a 1000 Bits to USD conversation: a content creator who received 1000 Bits during Twitch streams earns 10 USD. This way, if you are a streamer, you can encourage your audience to send you Bits during your broadcasts (specifically, you can try this by using the earned a moment Twitch feature). 


As you can see, Bits are another excellent tool for active interaction between the audience and content creators on Twitch. They can be used for quick greetings (by viewers) and for making money (by streamers). Thus, Bits can become a new source of stable income for the latter.