Newbies often make some typical live streaming mistakes that can alienate their target audience and put an end to their further earnings on donations and other types of monetization. Let's see what these mistakes are and how to prevent them — we prepared for you a great list of streaming tips for beginners!

Failing to test your setup before going live

Your viewers want to watch a real show on your streams. So you have to do everything at the highest level when you organize them. Often novice streamers forget to make the necessary settings before the broadcast, and as a result, its beginning is failed, and these settings are performed in a hurry when dozens, maybe hundreds of strangers from all over the world are watching them.

This applies to sound, video camera settings, lighting, etc. If you treat your streaming activity as a real job, you’ll understand how important it’s to present everything to your viewers, like it's your only chance to survive.

Poor audio quality and microphone placement 

Even if you set everything up correctly, there is always a chance that your audience won’t hear you well due to the wrong position of the microphone or the poor quality of the sound it transmits. This is one of the most trivial streaming issues that is guaranteed to reduce the positive impressions of your web activity and lose a part of loyal viewers.

Therefore, before you start streaming, you’ll need to purchase a quality microphone and experiment with its placement so that you can always be heard well – whether you lean right over it or move a few meters away. Just keep in mind that just a good sound has helped ASMR streamers like Yarify, ila_mos, and Mewbys gain their popularity.

Streaming with low upload speeds

Are you sure that your internet provides the proper upload speed for your video so that it doesn't cause any interference on your viewers' screens? If not, you will have to change your provider's plan so that your audience can see you and not your Minecraft character. You can also learn about live stream buffering problems on YouTube.

Overloading your stream with too many elements

Many streamers try to make their broadcasts more engaging through animated elements. Of course, they can help you create a certain atmosphere and enhance your digital image, but when there are too many of them, they may become ruining live streams — annoy your viewers, as well as negatively affect the bandwidth.

Ignoring chat and engagement with viewers 

You need to understand that streams are a certain format of interaction with your viewers, and they have their own specifics in the form of constant communication with them in a live chat during broadcasts. If you don't give them that, they will likely prefer someone else who is more “viewer-friendly”. But please, make sure you are not dealing with bots before replying to everyone.

Forgetting to promote your stream and build a following

Finally, you need to remember that the success of your streaming activity is not only about the regularity of your broadcasts and high-quality video content — it’s also about successful promotion.

If you regularly forget to ask your audience to like your publications, repost them, and donate to you, you are unlikely to be able to turn this into a full-fledged business. By the way, the duration of your broadcasts also positively affects the effectiveness of the promotion. In particular, you can loop your video so that users from all over the world can attend your stream using the Gyre tool.


We hope we have helped you figure out what common live streaming problems beginners face, and now you can eliminate them in your streaming activity. You can also check the free trial of Gyre to make your video streams endless.