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by Alina Lavrova

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Based on the colossal number of views, the music niche on YouTube is incredibly trendy. In recent years, users of one of the best live-streaming platforms for musicians have increasingly fallen in love with live audio-streaming channels, reflected in their fast-growing hundreds of thousands of reactions. Today, we will explain how to make live music on YouTube. 

How to Make a 24/7 Music Live Stream on YouTube

Long gone are the days when music streaming required expensive equipment and special software. Pre-recorded music streaming is more accessible than posting a video on YouTube. Specifically, tools for 24/7 music live streams, such as Gyre, can help you with this.

All you need to start a continuous music streaming on YouTube is to prepare tracks and video covers. It can be either a static picture or a GIF. Thanks to its extensive functionality, you can make a live stream 24/7 with the planned beginning and end, convert video files into the needed format, and create lists, playing tracks in the order you want. But with Gyre, you get even more – run up to eight streams simultaneously in Full HD or 4K, or, for example, manage them from any device since you access this tool through a usual web browser.    

What Music to Use and How to Deal With Copyright

Any content creator on YouTube should know the platform's rules and what kind of content they can post to avoid demonetization or blocking their channel. In particular, before you live stream pre-recorded music, you must consider the types of music that have copyrights:

  • Creative Commons licensed music. You can freely use this type of music in your videos. However, you may have to indicate the composition's author or use music in videos that do not have monetization.
  • Licensed music. You cannot legally start a 24/7 music stream of such compositions without their author's permission. You must agree with the performer/composer or artist manager to obtain the rights to stream licensed music.
  • Ad-supported music. You can use it in your 24/7 music stream. However, publishers and record companies that contract with YouTube will receive their income. This way, your streams may gain wider popularity but not generate revenue.

If you want to avoid trouble, it's best to go live with your compositions. You can also follow the lead of the popular Cozy Coffee Shop channel with a 24-hour music live stream with jazz – maybe this radio streaming YouTube channel will inspire you to find your personal best way to stream.

How to Check Music on YouTube for Copyright

Every video you upload to YouTube is checked for the use of licensed content – Content ID. Thus, you will receive a strike if the platform detects that you have copyright-protected content. “How can I check my music for copyrights?” – you may ask. The answer is straightforward – you need to use YouTube Studio.

YouTube Studio has a feature that lets you find out whether your video uses YouTube-copyrighted music before publishing it. For this, you have to make a short video and insert the music you want to use. Then, you need to upload this video to the YouTube creative studio. When its processing is completed, in the “Checks” tab, you will see whether the music is subject to copyright.

We hope you have learned enough about how to livestream your music and avoid losing monetization due to copyright strikes. If you want to make similar videos on YouTube without effort, you can use Gyre – 24/7 pre-recorded streaming tool.