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by Volodymyr Davydenko

Software Engineering Expert

We have previously covered how to start streaming on Twitch and presented a detailed guide on how to customize your channel and make it visible among competitors. Now it's time to review the extensions that will help make the viewers' time on your channel unforgettable.

Indeed, as a feature-rich streaming platform in its own right, Twitch has always been open to expanding its capabilities with third-party solutions and, in particular, plugins. Twitch streamers can connect up to six extensions on their channel (up to two components, no more than one overlay, and no more than three panels). So, let's find out which ten Twitch extensions are guaranteed to be useful for streamers.

What Are Extensions on Twitch?

There are three types of extensions for Twitch:

  • Components that optimize the streaming process and are hidden from viewers.
  • Overlays that appear over videos and can be used by streamers to enhance their overall image.
  • Panels, which are displayed in the About me section in the streamer's account and can be used both to increase the target audience involvement in general and for specific tasks, for example, for monetization.

Twitch Extensions Every Streamer Should Know

Now let's move from theory to practice and look at the ten most useful Twitch streaming addons. Note that most of these Twitch streamer tools are free (or at least they can be classified as affordable Twitch extensions). However, some involve sharing the income from monetization between content creators and developers.


It is an all-in-one overlay with an intuitive interface that will help you integrate mini-games, polls, giveaways, song requests, loyalty point chests, and much more into your account. With it, you can spend less time looking for narrow-focused extensions and simultaneously maximize Twitch monetization capabilities. Note that you must share your income with the developers (they will receive 20% of the total).

Exclusive Content for Subscribers

You can access this panel through your Twitch About me section. You can upload images, videos, stories, and other unique content you want to share with your followers. As for the pricing policy of this tool, you’ll receive 80 percent of the income from the sales. The remaining 20% will go to its developers.

Crowd Control

This overlay supports 100 games and allows your viewers to influence the gameplay. Among the most popular games are Sim City, Super Mario World, Minecraft, Pokemon Red/Blue, etc. As in the previous case, the income from bits received from viewers is divided between content creators and developers according to the 4/1 ratio.

Stream Minigames

This overlay allows you to run mini-games to keep your viewers entertained while you have a break. Your viewers must apply their bits to pump up their game characteristics. Thus, this overlay will open up another way for you to monetize your Twitch account (according to the policies of use for free Twitch extensions, you’ll get 80% of the monetization, while the development team that created this extension will receive the rest 20%). Also, please, note that Stream Minigames is directly uploaded to Twitch, so you don’t need additional synchronization software.

Say It Live 

This Twitch chat plugin allows you to request certain bits from your viewers to activate the TTS (text-to-speech) feature. The income received is traditionally divided between you and its developers by 80% and 20%, respectively.


It is one of those Twitch addons that you can but don’t need to do without. In particular, if you and your audience like to insert gifs and stickers into your speech to express emotions eloquently, this component will come to your rescue.

My Instagram

This Twitch extension Chrome panel will help your audience know more about you by binding your Instagram profile to your Twitch account. In your About Me section, viewers can find out about the latest updates to your Instagram profile without leaving the Twitch platform.


Synchronizes the streamers Spotify with the viewers Spotify, so the viewers can listen to the same music as the streamer without being hit by DMCA.

Suggestion Box

This extension can act as both a component and a panel and serves to get feedback from your audience quickly. You can customize this box however you like and use the responses to optimize your future streams. Regarding monetization, you traditionally get 80% of the received bits.

Dynamic Follow Buttons

This extension can be installed as a component, overlay, or panel. It will be helpful for streamers who organize joint online broadcasts. In particular, with its help, you can share with your viewers the links to the accounts of your co-authors so that they can subscribe to them.


Once you've optimized your Twitch channel with plugins and extensions, you should start monetizing it. If not, our overview of the most effective ways to monetize a Twitch channel will be helpful.

In general, addons for Twitch can significantly improve the streaming experience, and this thesis applies to content creators and their target audience. Indeed, regardless of whether we are talking about improving the quality of content or its marketing tasks, plugins for Twitch will become reliable assistants in your streaming activities. Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with any of the solutions described above, be sure to check them – perhaps they will help you turn your hobby into a permanent source of income.

As a reminder, you can always launch continuous streams on Twitch using the Gyre tool. Try a free trial to see how it works.