The shopping rush is coming! As you may know, shopping seasons are starting very soon, and this is a great way to boost your sales. The main thing to succeed is understanding how to stand out from competitors. Below, we will share several valuable recommendations to help you cope with this challenging task.

Devising a Compelling Holiday Season Strategy

First, let’s find out how to present your offers most attractively.

Create Irresistible Offers

First, you must prepare for the event and create excellent promotions for the goods and/or services. These promotions should be time-limited to generate a sense of urgency before the main event – for example, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, etc. It also makes sense to consider bundling products to increase their pre-marketing value.

Identify Excess Inventory

Along with a shortage of always popular products, you may have an excess inventory of goods not particularly in demand. You may sell them out during the seasonal rush by coming up with attractive offers.

Create Product Bundles and Promotions

Discount product bundles are always popular because they allow customers to get the items they need for next to nothing compared to what they would cost individually. At the same time, you will be able to sell off less popular products that customers often bypass.

Select Holiday Season Flagship Products

Offers aimed at highlighting “star” products on the start page of your website also work very well for the benefit of your business. Usually, these are top-rated products that can quickly sell out on other websites and receive out-of-stock status.

Develop Tiered Discount Packages

Multi-level discount packages allow you to increase the average check amount because the more a particular customer buys, the higher the discount they will receive. It also allows you to make additional profits.

Preparing Your Website for the Holiday Season

Now, let’s consider how to prepare your website for the upcoming rush of customers.

Assess and Optimize Website Performance

You will also need to comprehensively analyze your website’s performance, aligning it with your pre-marketing efforts. In particular, you may have to optimize web page loading speed to handle the increased traffic generated by live streams smoothly. Additionally, you should check the website's responsiveness for mobile devices to ensure the appropriate level of user experience during your promotional activities.

This way, when your visitors visit your website, it will still work stably, and they can buy what they want.

Ensure a Proper Level of Inventory Management

Evaluate your current inventory by highlighting popular products. In particular, you may have to restock your best-selling items to meet expected demand strategically. Additionally, you can implement a robust inventory tracking system to coordinate your sales department with pre-marketing promotions.

In general, all these efforts are needed so that you are okay with the lack of goods in stock while some of your buyers have already ordered them. This is why you must prepare in advance what product will be presented in a particular offer and how many such requests can be formed in general.

Strengthen Security Measures

Don't forget to ensure that your website has the proper level of cybersecurity – both on the server and user sides (i.e., it supports KYC policies and secure online payment methods). In this way, you will achieve its stable functioning during the influx of buyers, and no scammers or competitors will be able to interfere with your successful sales.

Optimize Customer Support

Additionally, you must prepare your support team and consultants for an increased workload during the busiest sales hours. In such situations, call centers and hotlines usually receive tens of times more calls, complaints, and requests, and your team must understand how to deal with this effectively without reducing customer loyalty.

Harnessing the Power of Advertising for Holiday Season Success

Finally, let’s check how to promote your offers.

Leverage on Social Media

Social networks are among the most excellent tools to attract customers during the shopping rush. You'll have to develop an effective pre-marketing strategy using social media channels for shopping seasons.

In particular, 24/7 live streaming will help you constantly engage and excite your audience without your direct participation (since, with Gyre, you can use pre-recorded videos and simply set the correct sequence for demonstrating them to your audience).

Perform Pre-Marketing through Endless Live Broadcasts

Before the event, you will need to create a sense of anticipation among potential buyers and announce your promotions in the form of a teaser through a cyclic live stream. To ensure your audience is engaged, you must prioritize your marketing strategies correctly.

The second thing, a continuous live stream, is achievable with the help of the Gyre tool, which will allow you to loop your pre-recorded videos and stream simultaneously on multiple platforms. Please note that to create a 24-hour live stream from a selection of pre-recorded videos, you must first upload the necessary videos to Gyre's cloud servers in the correct order.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have at your fingertips seven excellent recommendations that will help you beat your competitors and attract more sales than on any other day. And, of course, remember to use the power of social media to get the most out of your marketing efforts.